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Top 3 Signs Your Brakes Need A Fluid Flush in Kenner, LA

To keep your brakes pressurized and working as intended, you need to get a brake fluid flush done every 30,000 miles or two years. Otherwise, the fluid in the system could absorb moisture and get contaminated with dirt and debris, resulting in insufficient stopping power. Getting this service done regularly provides the best results, but it’s also wise to zip into the shop whenever you notice the following signs of a problem.

Top Signs You Need a Brake Fluid Flush in Kenner, LA with CAMS Automotive image of brake fluid flush kit attached to brakes on car in shop to bleed the system

Soft Pedal Feel

As brake fluid absorbs moisture, its ability to pressurize the system decreases significantly. When that happens, your brake pedal will likely feel soft and spongy as you press down on it. You may also feel like it takes more effort to slow and stop your car on demand.

When in good condition, your brake pedal should feel firm underfoot without demanding too much effort. The pedal feel should remain consistent drive after drive. If it changes, it’s likely time for your Kenner, LA mechanic, to perform an inspection, brake fluid flush, and other repairs.

ABS Light Turns On

Your ABS light will flip on and shine brightly whenever the system detects a problem with your braking system. Low brake fluid, for example, can trigger the system to alert you to the fault to save you from insufficient stopping power.

Although low fluid could result from a leak, it also happens as your braking fluid absorbs water, which effectively reduces its boiling point. Then, as you drive normally, the fluid starts to boil off and evaporate, leaving your system without the liquid needed to build adequate pressure. Performing a brake fluid flush removes all the moisture from the system to keep it from reaching the boiling point as you slow and stop your vehicle.

Burning Smell While Braking

Bad smells while braking is never a good sign. If it smells like burnt fluid, then your hot brake fluid is likely cooking the contaminants inside, pointing to the need for a brake fluid flush.

The brake fluid picks up small bits of dirt and dirt from the master cylinder, brake lines, and other parts through the miles. When your auto tech in Kenner, LA, performs a brake fluid flush, they effectively remove all those contaminants from every corner of the system.

Then, they refill the braking system with fresh fluid and bleed the brakes to remove air bubbles. The result is a properly pressurized system that’s ready to scrub off the speed without moisture or contaminants in the way.

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