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Expert Buick Repair and Maintenance at CAMS Automotive, Kenner, LA

Welcome to CAMS Automotive, the leading auto repair shop in Kenner, LA, specializing in Buick vehicles. Our family-owned business stands out for our commitment to high-quality work, exceptional customer service, and a deep understanding of your Buick’s needs. 


At CAMS, we don’t just repair cars; we educate and empower our customers.

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Buick: A Blend of Luxury and Innovation

Buick, a distinguished division of General Motors, epitomizes luxury and innovation in the automotive world. Renowned for its rich legacy dating back to 1903, Buick offers a sophisticated range of SUVs and crossovers like the spacious Enclave, the compact Encore, and the stylish Envision, alongside its classic sedans and hatchbacks. Emphasizing comfort and style, Buick vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge features like QuietTuning technology for a comfortable driving experience and the IntelliLink infotainment system for enhanced connectivity. With a focus on safety, reliability, and increasingly eco-friendly options, Buick blends prestige with practicality, making it a coveted choice for those seeking a luxury driving experience with a touch of historical elegance.

Why Choose CAMS Automotive for Your Buick?

Honesty and Transparency: Understanding your vehicle’s condition is crucial. That’s why we focus on open communication and honesty. Our motto, ‘We don’t sell. We educate,’ is at the core of our service. With CAMS, you’re not just getting your car fixed; you’re gaining knowledge about your vehicle.

Expertise in Buick Models: Whether you own an Enclave, Encore, LaCrosse, Regal, or Verano, our ASE-certified technicians have the expertise to handle all models. We stay updated with the latest Buick technologies and common issues, ensuring your car receives the best care possible.

Common Buick Models Serviced at CAMS Automotive

At CAMS Automotive, we service all Buick models, each known for unique features and specifications. Here are some of the common models we service:

  • Buick Enclave: A luxury SUV known for its spacious interior and smooth ride. We address common issues like steering and suspension concerns.
  • Buick Encore: This compact SUV is popular for its maneuverability and efficiency. We take care of its common maintenance needs, including engine and transmission care.
  • Buick LaCrosse: A full-size sedan offering comfort and advanced features. We handle its common electronic and engine maintenance requirements.
  • Buick Regal: Known for its sporty design and performance. We specialize in addressing its unique suspension and engine challenges.
  • Buick Verano: A compact sedan with a focus on luxury and efficiency. Our team is experienced in managing its common electrical and mechanical needs.

Common Buick Issues and How We Tackle Them

Buick vehicles are known for their reliability and comfort. However, like all vehicles, they have their quirks. Some common issues Buick owners might encounter include:

  • Electrical Problems: From malfunctioning sensors to issues with the onboard computer, we diagnose and fix electrical problems accurately.
  • Suspension Concerns: Buicks are known for their smooth ride, so suspension issues can be particularly noticeable. We provide comprehensive suspension repair to restore your vehicle’s comfort.
  • Engine and Transmission Maintenance: Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Buick running smoothly. Our full service includes oil changes, brake service and repair, and more to keep your engine and transmission in top shape.

Our Services for Your Buick

At CAMS Automotive, we offer a wide range of services tailored to Buick vehicles, including:

  • Digital Vehicle Inspections: We provide thorough inspections using the latest digital technology, ensuring every aspect of your Buick is checked.
  • Collision Repair with Lifetime Guarantee: We stand behind our collision repair work with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • NAPA Car Care Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our 24-month, 24,000-mile nationwide warranty.
  • Financing Options: The CAMS Finance Card offers a 6 or 12-month promotional period with zero interest, making auto repairs more manageable.

Why Buick Owners Trust CAMS

  • Family-Like Treatment: At CAMS, we treat our customers and their vehicles with the care and respect of family.
  • Focus on the Mini-Family Fleet: We understand the importance of keeping the family fleet running smoothly and offer services to cater to all your family’s vehicles.
  • ASE Certified Technicians: Our team is comprised of experts who are not only skilled but passionate about what they do.

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For top-notch Buick repair and maintenance, visit us at 901 Maria St, Kenner, LA 70062, or call 504-461-9338. Explore our full range of services at CAMS Automotive. Remember, at CAMS Automotive, we’re more than just a repair shop; we’re your partners in auto care.

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