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CAMS Answers – “Why is it so hard to find a trustworthy auto shop?”

Your car is more than just a prized possession – it’s also what you rely on day in and day out to get around, whether it’s to work and back, around town or even cross-country. When it needs service, you’ll want it in the hands of professionals you know and trust. For many car owners in the Kenner LA area, finding a trustworthy auto shop is easier said than done.

A quick search for an “auto mechanic near me” will give you plenty of results, but little info on whether to trust them with your vehicle. Here’s why finding a good auto repair shop can be such a challenge.

Experience Matters

When you bring your vehicle to a new shop, you’ll want it in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing and how to do it. Unfortunately, it’s hard for many people to tell if they’re dealing with a knowledgeable mechanic or just a “mechanic” in name only. Some may claim to have “experience,” but it may be limited to certain makes and models.

A trustworthy auto shop will have certified technicians on duty. That means you’re dealing with trained and credentialed technicians with the experience to back up their work. Ratings, reviews and the classic “word of mouth” are also great ways to see if a particular auto shop is one you can trust with your vehicle.

The Dreaded Upsell 

There are plenty of stories about auto repair shops that try to throw a bunch of unneeded services at you. Some may even say your vehicle needs more work than it actually needs – and if you’re not car savvy, you may end up paying more than you were expecting. An honest shop won’t try to part you from your hard-earned money by squeezing in unnecessary work.

At CAMS Automotive, our quotes are only for the work your car actually needs. If there are any extra services needed, we’ll be upfront and tell you ahead of time.

Know Your Mechanic

The last thing you’d want is to hand over your keys to a mechanic you don’t know anything about. You don’t have to sit your mechanic down for an interview, but you should ask the following before work gets started:

  • Does their work come with a warranty or guarantee? If so, what kind?

  • Do they offer free estimates and/or inspections?

  • Will you get a loaner vehicle while work’s being done on your car?

  • Do the labor rates change depending on the type of work or different times?

  • How does the shop handle payments?

Turn to CAMS Automotive for Trustworthy Service

At CAMS Automotive, we strive for trust and transparency in everything we do, whether it’s a simple tune-up or major repairs. Give us a call at 504-461-9838 or stop by and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have.