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Why Brake Pads and Rotors Should Be Replaced Together

Your brake system is made up of several parts and components that must work together to bring your vehicle to a halt. If any of these parts malfunctions, your ability to safely stop your vehicle could be compromised. 

Every part of the brake system is important, but two critical ones are brake pads and rotors. These two should always be replaced in pairs. Let’s look at why you should replace brake pads and rotors at the same time.

Why Brake Pads and Rotors Should Be Replaced Together | CAMS Automotive ib Kenner, LA. Image of a mechanic’s hand holding a brake pad attached to a brake rotor without wheels.

The Brake Pad and Rotor Should Be Replaced Simultaneously

If you pair new brake pads with old, worn rotors, it can result in a lack of sufficient surface contact between the rotors and pads, which can cause:

  • Reduced stopping performance
  • Vibration
  • Noise

Although there are several different perspectives on replacing brake pads and rotors simultaneously, the brake experts at CAMS Automotive always recommend doing them at the same time. This simple practice can help ensure your vehicle is safe and performs optimally.

However, you don’t need to wait for both pads and rotors to show signs of wear before replacing them. There are conditions when one part needs to be replaced regardless of the other part’s condition. 

The Brake Rotor Thickness Should Be Inspected

While there’s a need to replace the brake rotor and pad simultaneously, these are two completely separate parts. As such, they can wear very differently. This elevates the importance of a brake technician checking the rotor thickness as a part of a brake repair or inspection.

Brake rotors should have a specific thickness to properly:

  • Dissipate heat
  • Prevent warping
  • Have adequate stopping power

When your rotors lack adequate thickness, they should be replaced immediately—regardless of the brake pad’s condition.

Brake Pad Wear Should Be Inspected

Regardless of the brake rotor’s condition, your mechanic should always check and measure the level of wear on the brake pads. If your brake pads wear in a specific pattern, it could point to poor rotor condition or more serious problems with the braking system.

As such, have the brake mechanic pay special attention to the brake pad’s condition in addition to patterns of wear. Any time the brake pads are worn in a specific pattern or worn past the point of safety, they must be replaced—no matter the condition or age of your brake rotors.

Can I Just Rotate My Brake Rotors?

If your mechanic inspects your brakes and notices the rotor surface looks uneven or damaged, one common practice is to simply rotate the rotors. It may be a cheaper, quick fix, but turning the rotor doesn’t change its thickness. And the thickness is vital to your vehicle’s ability to stop. 

As such, you should always think twice and question any mechanic who suggests turning rotors as the be-all-end-all.

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