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October is Fall Car Care Month - 5 Things You Need to Do

October is Fall Car Care Month. It’s designed to elevate awareness of regular preventative and car maintenance. 

This time of the year is key because it represents a somewhat drastic period of changing weather. In Kenner, LA, we move from the blazing heat and humidity of our long summers into the milder and more moderate autumn temperatures.

With this change, several car maintenance tips and best practices can be used to protect your vehicle and ensure its longevity. We have listed some of our top fall car care services you should have done.

1. Check Your Battery.

Your battery operates through a complex chemical reaction. The heat of the summer months makes this process somewhat easier. While the summer heat can facilitate a more straightforward reaction within your battery, it can also drain your battery’s charge

Moreover, when temperatures drop, the cold weather slows down the reaction. You will not know your battery has been affected until it’s cold and your car won’t start.

It’s best to schedule a full battery inspection at CAMS Automotive to prevent such things from occurring. We will visually and mechanically test your battery’s viability with our state-of-the-art equipment.

2. Stop and Have Your Brakes Inspected.

The brakes on your vehicle are single-handedly the most important safety feature. Even so, most people tend to overlook their brakes until something is awry. Fall Car Care Month is an excellent time to schedule a brake inspection.

At CAMS Automotive, we will carefully examine your brake system. In doing so, you will have greater confidence and certainty in the performance of your brakes when cold weather sets in.

3. Don’t Ignore Steering & Suspension Services.

If you live in Kenner, LA, you may know too well how difficult our back roads can be on your suspension system. As such, Fall Car Care Month is the perfect time to inspect your shocks, struts, chassis, and other suspension components for wear and tear.

4. Check Your Tires.

Your tires should always be in good working order, whether in spring, summer, fall, or winter.

However, in colder conditions, your tires will naturally lose tire pressure. Most estimates suggest your tires will lose 1 to 2 PSI for every 10-degree decrease. Thus, you should closely watch your tires and be prepared to add more air.

Furthermore, you should always ensure your tires have adequate tire tread. One quick way to measure your tire tread is with a penny test.

5. Check Your Lights.

When fall sets in and the time “falls back,” you will lose precious daylight hours. While this may be a welcome change for many people, it means you are more likely to drive at night. This highlights the importance of proper lights and visibility.

Make sure to check all of your lights. If any light bulbs are blown or missing, replacing them is pretty straightforward. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA.

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