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It’s Time for Fall Car Care Services in Kenner, LA

While the temps stay downright pleasant through autumn in Kenner, LA, the chance of stormy weather increases considerably. So, to avoid getting caught out on the road in a vehicle ill-equipped for the conditions, it’s essential to get your fall car care services done soon. With that move, you can head out on your travels all season long without worry about what might come your way. Ready to get started? Let our team at CAMS Automotive handle all the following tasks.

It’s Time for Fall Car Care Services in Kenner, LA with CAMS Automotive; closeup image of rear tire of blue sedan car driving in fall day with leaves on road


To get a clear view of the road ahead, you need new windshield wipers before the rain starts in earnest. Otherwise, your cracked, brittle wipers may make matters worse as they smear water and debris all around. Thankfully, with help from our team, you can get a high-quality set of wipers installed before the rain arrives. Plus, we’ll refill your windshield washer fluid so that you can clean off dirt and debris on the go.


Over time, the bright sunlight wreaks havoc on your headlight lenses, leaving them cloudy and dull. To keep seeing clearly as the skies take a gloomy turn, you need to have the lenses restored by our team. In addition to polishing up your headlights just right, we’ll replace all the dim and burnt-out bulbs to keep your car visible to all the other drivers.


As rainwater starts to fall fast, hydroplaning is a real risk, especially if you do not have good tread on your tires. Without enough of a groove available to evacuate water, the tire will skate across the surface of the water instead. When that happens, you’ll likely find yourself battling to remain in control of your vehicle. So, it’s always wise to get your tires looked over by a mechanic at the start of the rainy season. Your tech will let you know if it’s time for new tires, plus suggest any other services that could help, like tire rotations and wheel alignments.


Even with a good set of tires on your car, your braking system might falter a bit in the wet weather. Worn brakes can worsen things quite a bit, so be sure to have the parts inspected right as the fall season begins. Your technician has to measure the pads and rotors to determine if you need brake service. If so, they will either cut the rotors or replace them outright plus install a new set of brake pads. You might also need to have your brake fluid flushes to keep the system properly pressurized.

Ready to Get Fall Auto Repair in Kenner, LA?

If you’re ready to get fall auto repair in Kenner, LA, call 504-461-9838 to chat with our team at CAMS Automotive. We’re happy to help you find a great time to come by our shop and have your mechanic handle all your fall car care services. Our team can also handle all your other preventative maintenance tasks at that time. So, please feel free to reach out to us whenever you want to get your car into great shape.