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The Necessary Services Your Tires Need This Fall

Throughout Kenner, LA and surrounding areas, the iconic symbols of fall are everywhere. While cooler temperatures are a welcome change for Kenner residents, fall also represents the perfect time to show your tires some love.

At CAMS Automotive, we’ve outlined a few of the top tire services you should perform this fall. Read on to learn more. And don’t hesitate to reach out to CAMS Automotive today.

The Necessary Services Your Tires Need This Fall | CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA. Image of tires with leaves and on a wet road in autumn season.

Check Your Tire Pressure

While fall temperatures are relatively pleasant, they can quickly turn miserably cold in Kenner, LA. When this happens, your tire pressure will drop. 

According to most estimates, you can expect a decrease of one to two PSIs for every 10-degree decline in the temperature. When this occurs, your tires will be low on air and need additional tire pressure. 

Check your tire pressure to ensure you aren’t driving around on flat tires. And if your tires are low, you should add air as soon as possible.

Schedule a Tire Rotation

Regular wheel alignments and tire rotations can help prevent wear and tear on your tires. It can also help ensure that each tire wears evenly—regardless of how you drive. 

While you should always schedule a tire rotation based on the manufacturer’s suggested intervals, consider doing it before winter weather sets in. Doing so can protect your tires and help prevent premature tire replacement.

Visually Inspect Your Tires

You don’t have to be an experienced mechanic to inspect your tires. You can perform a quick visual inspection today. For starters, ask yourself:

  • Do you see any cracks in your tires?
  • Do you see any bulging areas in your tires?
  • Can you see cords on your tires?
  • Do your tires look extra worn?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, your tires may not be safe for driving. For instance, if you see bulging areas on your tires, you will likely have a blowout. If you see cracks or cords, your tires are so worn that they may disintegrate before your eyes. 

In any case, you should order new tires or a single tire replacement as quickly as possible.

Inspect Your Tire Tread

When cold weather and sometimes freezing, icy roads become a reality in Kenner, LA, it’s vital to have fully functioning tires with sufficient tire tread. You can test your tire tread with a penny. 

Grab a penny and place it in the tire grooves with the head down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tire treads are too worn and shallow. This means you need new tires and should order a tire replacement today. 

Moreover, most auto repair centers will not repair tires that lack sufficient tread.

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Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes physical contact with the road. Thus, your tires must be safe and in good working order. 

The team at CAMS Automotive can help. We have been meeting Kenner residents’ auto repair and tire needs for over 30 years. We are proud to be the best auto repair center in the area. 

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