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Mardi Gras Tips for Revelers of All Ages With CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA

Mardi Gras is back and better than ever. Though last year’s celebration was canceled due to COVID restrictions, this year will likely prove quite different.  The massive celebration highlighted by colorful parades and costumes is still on schedule.  If you plan on attending Mardi Gras, be sure to do so safely.  Follow our tips for a safe and healthy Mardi Gras as detailed below, and you’ll likely find it turns out to be the best of all time.

Mardi Gras Tips for Revelers of all Ages from your friends at CAMS Automotive in Kenner, La. Image of Mardi Gras float going down road in New Orleans during parade with revelers of all ages extending out their hands in hopes to catch the beads that are being thrown from the float

Location, Location, Location!

If you live in or near Kenner, LA, you might not be precisely sure about the best part of town to stay in and enjoy the festivities during Mardi Gras.  Uptown New Orleans is the best place to stay during the festivities.  In particular, the Garden District of Uptown is ideal.  This part of town is lined with oak trees and provides easy access to parade routes with perfect spots to place your bead catching stand.  However, lodging is limited, so make your hotel or Airbnb reservations as soon as possible.  If you can’t find lodging in or near the Garden District, opt for a hotel or Airbnb in the French Quarter.  You can always take the streetcar to and from the Garden District while staying in the French Quarter.

Respect the Law

Though Mardi Gras might feel like it is a toned-down version of social anarchy, there are still rules to be followed.  If you catch beads, don’t launch them right back at the floats.  Soft-tossing beads back to those on floats is permitted, yet you put revelers in danger if you throw the beads with considerable power and speed. 

Above all, be mindful of the police.  If you toss beads and they waywardly end up on a police vehicle or near an officer, there is a chance you will be arrested and jailed.  If a police officer steers you in a particular direction or asks you to do something else within the confines of the law, cooperate, and you’ll make the Mardi Gras experience that much safer and enjoyable for everyone.

Keep Your Distance From the Floats

If you haven’t spent most or all of your life in Kenner, LA, and this is your first Mardi Gras, you should be aware that the floats are dangerous.  Remain at least 5-10 feet away from the floats at all times.  Try to maintain space between yourself and other Mardi Gras revelers so you don’t end up getting knocked over or trampled.

Your Kids can Partake With the Proper Precautions

If you have kids who want to be a part of the Mardi Gras celebration, don’t let them get close to the floats.  Make it clear to your little ones that they cannot run toward the floats to pick up beads.  You can put your kids on top of your shoulders so they can catch beads tossed from the floats, yet you should be mindful of the fact that some party-goers will throw those beads to others, including those on the floats, meaning your kids might be in the line of fire if they are in an elevated position.  Keep in mind; crowds have the potential to swell, meaning they might unexpectedly push you forward and possibly even knock you down while one of your little ones is lifted upright on your shoulders.

Schedule Service With CAMS Automotive 

CAMS’ automotive mechanic services are here for all Kenner, LA drivers.  Schedule an appointment with our team, and we will bring out the best in your vehicle before Mardi Gras.  A freshly-serviced, well-maintained ride is exactly what you need to lift your spirit after the year we would all like to forget.  Give our automotive mechanic in Kenner, LA, a call at 504-461-9838 to schedule service. If you’re in our area for a parade, stop in and say hello!