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Is It Worth Repairing a Car After an Accident? (Plus Other Collision Repair FAQs)

No one—and we mean no one—wakes up and thinks, “Wow…I think today is a nice day for an accident!” 

Even so, there are about 17,000 vehicle accidents every day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported a staggering 6.74 million accidents in 2019 alone. 

Repairing a Car After a Collision Accident | CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA. Image of two damaged cars after collision.

Depending on the accident’s severity, the moments that ensue afterward can be highlighted by pandemonium and frustration.

Fortunately, CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA is your local auto body, collision repair, and auto repair expert. We offer decades of experience helping residents of Kenner, LA quickly recover after a vehicle accident. 

In addition to expert collision repair, we offer a range of services to reduce the frustration and confusion surrounding getting your vehicle repaired. We can guide you through the collision repair process from start to finish. 

Let’s look at some top collision repair FAQs we receive from residents of Kenner, LA.

Is It Worth Repairing a Car After a Collision in Kenner, LA?

Scheduling professional collision repair is almost always the smarter, more cost-efficient solution. In most instances, the repairs will be covered by your insurance company. Even if you have to pay for the repairs out of pocket, having collision repair is still the most cost-efficient method compared to purchasing a new or used vehicle. 

If you do have to pay out of pocket, CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA offers a convenient financing solution to make things as hassle-free as possible.

Repairing a Car After a Collision Accident | CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA. Image of a car body specialist doing finishing work on a dent of a car.How Long Do Collision Repairs Take in Kenner, LA?

The amount of time your collision repair and auto body work will take depends on various factors. These include the situation, complexity of repairs, and availability of materials and parts. 

At CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA, we will always provide you with a time estimate and the cost. Our estimate doesn’t include any hidden damage we may find once we perform the teardown. 

While we always strive to work as efficiently as possible, our primary goal is to ensure your collision repair in Kenner, LA is done perfectly.

Should I Choose OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts?

When you have collision repair performed on your vehicle, you will most likely be asked to choose between aftermarket vs. OEM parts

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are those that your vehicle was essentially manufactured with and are of the same quality as the original ones. These parts are usually more expensive.

Aftermarket parts are made by other manufacturers. They are usually less expensive and will offer you the greatest level of choice. 

There are pros and cons to each. Fortunately, your collision repair professionals at CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA will explain your options. This way, you can confidently make the best decision according to your budget.

What Is a Total Loss?

Insurance companies throughout the U.S. use different formulas and methods to determine if your vehicle is a total loss

A total loss means that it will cost more to repair your vehicle than it’s worth. A total loss may also be determined if your vehicle has irreparable damage. In the end, it depends on the insurance company.

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CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA celebrating their 30 years in the auto repair industry. Pictures of CAMS’ staff then (on the left) and now (on the right). We get it. Being in a vehicle accident is tough, confusing, and can be expensive. Fortunately, you have an entire team of collision repair professionals in your corner. At CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA, we are the best collision repair facility in the area. 

We offer collision repair and auto body work on all makes and models. Most importantly, we take pride in explaining everything clearly and thoroughly. You can be more confident with your decisions. And we just celebrated 30 years in the auto repair industry!

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