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5 Tips to Avoid Damage From Potholes In Kenner, LA

It is no secret that Kenner LA has more than its fair share of potholes.  Wheel around Kenner LA, New Orleans, or anywhere else in Louisiana long enough, and your vehicle is likely to suffer damage from potholes and other road debris.  Fret not, as CAMS Automotive mechanics are here to perform any repair you need to get back on the road as quickly as possible.  Here’s a look at what you can do to avoid damage from potholes as you wheel around Kenner, LA.

5 Tips to Avoid Damage From Potholes in Kenner, La with CAMS Automotive. Image of white truck driving over a few potholes in the road

1. Resist the Temptation to Tailgate

Avoiding potholes is that much more difficult when you tailgate other vehicles.  Leave at least two to three vehicle lengths between your car and the one in front of you.  This amount of space makes it much easier to identify potholes in front of you and react accordingly.  Heighten your awareness, look out for potholes and swerve slightly to the left or the right, so your tires straddle the pothole rather than hit it.  If you have to change lanes to avoid the pothole, be sure to check your blind spot before doing so.

2. Maintain the Proper Tire Inflation

Check your driver-side door jamb to find the optimal air pressure level for your vehicle’s tires.  Keep your tires inflated to this level, and you’ll help prevent damage to the tire as well as the wheel and suspension.  Over-inflating your tires will cause them to stiffen to the point that they are that much more likely to lead to suspension damage after crossing over a pothole.

3. Mind Your Braking

If you spot a pothole ahead, don’t brake when striking it.  If you were to brake when hitting the pothole, you would heighten the chances of significant damage as braking causes weight to shift forward to the tires as well as the suspension. 

4. Drive Around Standing Water

If possible, swerve around puddles of water and other standing water on the Kenner LA roads.  Standing water is dangerous as it often conceals deep potholes below.  However, if you can’t avoid standing water and end up with a flat tire, a damaged wheel, or another problem, CAMS Automotive is here to help.  Our Kenner LA mechanic will repair your vehicle so you can get right back on the roads without a lengthy wait.

5. Reduce Your Rate of Speed

One of the best ways to minimize or avoid damage from potholes in Kenner, LA, is to drive at or below the posted speed limit.  If you are zooming along at a high rate of speed, identifying potholes before hitting them will prove challenging.  Reduce your speed, and you’ll have that much more time to react to potholes as well as other threats on the road.

CAMS Automotive Services is on Your Side

If you need vehicle repair of any sort, schedule service with CAMS Automotive.  Our Kenner LA mechanic is here to repair your vehicle, whether you need a new tire, a new wheel, or another part repaired/replaced.  Reach out to us today to schedule service.  You can reach our mechanic in Kenner, LA, by dialing 504-461-9838 or filling out our online appointment scheduler form.