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Our Repair Services at CAMS Automotive

Comprehensive Car Services from Our Auto Repair Shop

At CAMS Automotive, people frequently call us to ask about the services that we offer. While we like to say that we provide services from brakes to paint, this isn’t entirely true; however, we are a full-service repair shop. Below, we are going to focus on the mechanical issues that we can handle; however, please remember that if you have questions about a specific repair, simply call us and ask!

Common Mechanical Repairs We Perform

Some of the common mechanical repairs we perform regularly include:

Air Conditioning: We know that the heat in Kenner, LA can be extreme. That is why we can handle everything related to your air conditioning unit including strange noises, odd smells, and coolant issues.

Heat: We know that it can get cold down here from time to time. It is important for your car’s heater to work at full strength when asked. Trust us to make sure this happens.

Tire Issues: Reliable tires are critical for every car. If you pick up a puncture or flat tire, rely on us to fix it. We can remove punctures and patch them if possible. We can also correct any valve stem problems. If we need to replace one of your tires, we will let you know ahead of time. Finally, we can also address tire pressure sensor issues. 

Alignments: We know the roads around Kenner have potholes. Hitting these potholes can knock your vehicle out of alignment, impacting gas mileage and handling. We can shift your vehicle back into alignment in our shop.

Engine Problems: When the check engine light comes on, we know this can lead to stress. At CAMS Automotive, we can handle countless engine concerns including spark plugs, coils, filters, and more. Furthermore, if you are hearing noises or are experiencing a high idle, we can address this as well!

Electrical Concerns: Finally, we also have technicians who can address electrical issues relating to your car. This includes the starter, battery, and alternator. If you are experiencing electrical problems with your car, call us for help.

Vehicle Maintenance at Our Auto Repair Shop

In addition to these mechanical concerns, we also handle a variety of vehicle maintenance issues. These include:

  • Oil changes which will keep your engine lubricated and fuel efficiency high

  • Tire rotations which will make sure your treads wear evenly, extending the life of your tires

  • Fluid flushes and fuel injections which will maintain your car’s function and handling

Vehicle maintenance is important because it allows us to identify potential problems before they start to impact the handling and safety of your car. Count on us to keep your car running smoothly.

Contact CAMS Automotive Today with Any Questions

At CAMS Automotive, we are a full-service repair shop. We know that you depend on your car to get you to school, work, and around town. That is why we will take care of your car as though it was our own. If you would like to learn more about the repairs we can perform at our auto repair shop, please contact us today! To hear from Stephen, the owner of Cams talk about all the great things we can do Click Here!