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How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money

Owning a vehicle can cost a lot. Even if you’re able to purchase a vehicle in full without having to make payments or take out an auto loan, there are still smaller expenses that add up over time. Oil changes, tires, car washes, motor vehicle insurance, auto repair, registration, and other costs can make you feel like you’re hemorrhaging money on your ride.

Sometimes, vehicle owners will skip regular maintenance or wait too long to have a repair done in an effort to cut down on the costs of owning and maintaining a car or truck. This unfortunately can cost even more over time. Regular automotive maintenance isn’t a drain on your monthly vehicle budget, it’s actually one of the best ways to save money when you own a car. 

Here’s how bringing your vehicle in to CAMS will save you money:

1. By Preventing Unnecessary Repairs

Motor vehicles that are well maintained run well, which reduces the risk of sudden failure of one or more systems. For example, if you keep your oil changed as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you can avoid having to replace an engine that has been damaged by dirty, debris-filled oil. Not sure if your vehicle is ready to be serviced? Swing by to see us and we will take a look and let you know!

2. By Improving Gas Mileage

Who doesn’t love to spend less money on gas? Worn or damaged engine parts may not result in the catastrophic failure of your vehicle right away, however, it can drastically reduce your gas mileage. Regular automotive maintenance helps keep your induction system clean so you can get the most miles per gallon, saving you more money on fuel costs. 

3. By Extending the Lifespan of Your Vehicle

Naturally, when you take care of your vehicle, it will last longer than if you didn’t. Having your vehicle serviced proactively instead of waiting for a repair to become necessary will increase the overall lifespan of your car or truck. Ideally, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle running and in good condition well past when it’s paid in full. This allows you to pocket money you would have ordinarily spent on car payments or unnecessary insurance coverage until it’s time to purchase a new vehicle. If your car is well cared for, this likely won’t be for many years. At CAMS Automotive, we are a full-service repair shop. We know that you depend on your car to get you to school, work, and around town. That is why we will take care of your car as though it was our own. Bringing your vehicle in to us for regular maintenance, you’ll not only save, but become family.

4. By Preventing Accidents and Other Serious Problems

Having your vehicle assessed regularly is an important part of preventing serious problems that could not only cost you a significant amount of money to repair, but could also result in a costly or even deadly accident. For example, if you hear your brakes start to squeal, this is a reliable indicator that your brake pads have become worn. If you ignore this long enough and don’t have your brakes repaired, it could result in their total failure. In traffic, it could be detrimental. We want to not only save you money but help to keep you and your family safe as well. Stop by to see us today and we’ll inspect your vehicle for any possible issues.

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