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New Year, New Oil: Does New Oil Make a Difference?

It’s a new year and time for New Year’s resolutions. Here’s one you can do that will surely pay dividends in the long run: have your oil changed as suggested by the car manufacturer. Oil changes are simply one of the essential fluid services you shouldn’t miss.

New Year, New Oil: Does New Oil Make a Difference? | CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA. Image of a mechanic’ shand in the act of pouring fresh oil to a car engine.

While many drivers know that new oil is critical to their vehicle’s operation, some may not know how and why regular oil changes affect a vehicle’s longevity. Let’s look at why having regular oil changes matters. 

Engine Oil Lubricates, Protects, and Cleans

It’s common knowledge that engine oil functions as a lubricant. But that’s not all it does

As your engine runs, the pump circulates oil through a network of passages and channels throughout your engine. The oil coats the moving engine parts in the process, reducing friction and preventing any direct metal-on-metal contact.

The oil also helps to cool the engine. It absorbs heat and carries it away from the hard-working engine parts. That heat is radiated away when the oil returns to the oil pan after completing its journey through the engine. That, along with the cooling system, protects the engine from heat damage.

There’s more. Your car’s oil also picks up dirt and debris as it flows through your engine. This is where the oil filter comes in. It traps those impurities and keeps them from wreaking havoc in your engine. Without this filter, it wouldn’t take long for your engine to fill up with gunk and grime, shortening its lifespan.

Why Do I Need to Change to New Oil Regularly?

Oil is a consumable product. It’s designed to perform all of its critical functions above but only for a certain time. It will break down over time, reducing its ability to lubricate and cool your engine. 

Moreover, the oil filter can only hold a certain amount of dirt and debris before it clogs. When clogging happens, the filter’s bypass valve will open and the engine can run without oil. All of that gunk that would otherwise get filtered out will go straight back into your engine. 

In short, oil changes are necessary—unless you don’t want your engine to survive for long.

Get Regular Oil Changes with CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA

Oil change is an inexpensive and simple service that can protect your vehicle and keep it running year after year. At CAMS Automotive, we make it easy for you to get this service. As a leading auto repair center in Kenner, LA, you can expect us to perform every new oil change with the care and expert attention your vehicle deserves.

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