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CAMS Automotive For All Mechanical And Collision Services Backed By Strong Warranties

CAMS Automotive, in Kenner, LA, offers complete mechanical and collision services and is trusted by locals who seek dependable repairs and maintenance for their vehicles. This family-owned business has built up a loyal clientele over the past 28 years.

Kenner, LA: According to announcements released by CAMS Automotive, this automobile repair shop offers full mechanical and collision services in Kenner, Louisiana.

CAMS Automotive provides reliable engine repairs for issues related to faulty spark plugs, damaged ignition coils, choked filters, etc. At this shop, technicians will also repair the starter, battery, alternator, and other parts that make up the vehicle’s electrical system.

The company also handles vehicle maintenance. Oil change, tire rotations, fluid flushes, and fuel injections, and other regular maintenance activities are performed to ensure safe handling, more mileage, and fewer chances of a vehicle requiring expensive repairs. Collision repair services cover dent removal, auto body painting, frame damage, window damage, etc. 

At this full-service auto repair Kenner shop, commonly performed mechanical repairs often involve the air conditioning. Given the summer heat, automobile owners in Kenner, LA, are particular about the smooth working of the air conditioning. CAMS Automotive repairs AC units to take care of strange noises, odd smells, leaks, etc. The certified mechanics will also ensure that the vehicle’s heating system is functioning optimally. Car owners can have tire punctures repaired and patched up, where possible. Tire replacements are carried out smoothly, and vehicle alignment issues are addressed. A properly aligned vehicle lasts longer, is safer, and easier to handle.

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CAMS Automotive said, “After a collision, we will first assess the damage to your vehicle and provide an estimate of the total cost of repairs. Your insurance carrier, attorney, or the other driver’s insurance can request your vehicle’s disassembly to ensure all damage to external and internal parts is correctly documented. Once authorized, the necessary replacement parts can be ordered. Once the parts for your vehicle have been received at this stage, our body shop mechanics can begin to work on repairs.

Once all body and mechanical work are done, the vehicle is prepped for painting. All panels are prepared and then primed and sealed. Once the paint is cured, your vehicle is reassembled back to its pre-accident condition. CAMS Automotive’s I-CAR Certified mechanics will perform a complete quality control check of your vehicle. We also thoroughly clean each vehicle to get it ready for the customer.

At CAMS Automotive, we strive to make the collision repair process as easy as possible for you.

On the warranties offered, CAMS Automotive said, “We back up the mechanical parts we install with a 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty. That includes both parts and labor costs.

If we install a NAPA part, then your warranty is extended nationwide. You could be anywhere in the country and have your vehicle repaired for free. Collision repairs with a lifetime guarantee! For as long as you own the vehicle, we will guarantee the quality of our repair against any defects in workmanship or parts.”

About the Company:

CAMS Automotive is a family-owned, local business was established in 1992 and has, since then, been serving Kenner, LA and its surroundings as a reliable collision and mechanical repairs shop. The CAMS Card allows vehicle owners to avail of easy financing for repairs and maintain regular cash flow at home. This business works with all insurance companies. 


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