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Ready to Travel? Don't Skip These 5 Pre-Trip Automotive Services in Kenner, LA

As the temperatures warm up in Kenner, LA, you may already be planning your spring family trip. If so, your vehicle must be up to the task. 

Ready to Travel? Don't Skip These 5 Pre-Trip Automotive Services in Kenner, LA. CAMS Automotive. Image of a woman pulls out a probe in her car engine to check the oil level. Oil change service is an important part of pre-trip vehicle inspection.

Fortunately, at CAMS Automotive, we can help. We offer auto maintenance services and solutions—including a pre-trip vehicle inspection—for all makes and models. 

As the name suggests, a pre-trip vehicle inspection is a thorough check of a vehicle’s systems and components before hitting the road. While every inspection can vary based on your driving habits and vehicle, it’s imperative to include the following services.

1. Change Oil.

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, and it’s responsible for performing a number of different tasks that are beneficial to your vehicle, including:

  • Lubrication: Oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts, including the pistons, crankshaft, and bearings. Without fresh oil, these parts would have excessive wear and tear, which can cause engine damage.
  • Cooling: Oil helps to cool the engine by dissipating heat from the engine’s moving parts to keep the engine at a safe operating temperature.
  • Cleaning: Oil also helps keep the engine clean by moving dirt, debris, and other contaminants away from the engine.
  • Sealing: Oil provides a seal between the engine’s moving parts, helping to prevent leaks and keeping the engine running smoothly.

Sadly, over time, your oil will naturally degrade and lose the ability to perform the above functions. Failure to have an oil change could cause you to be stranded, facing thousands of dollars of repairs. As a result, scheduling an oil change should be at the top of your pre-trip vehicle inspection checklist.

2. Inspect Your Tires.

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually contacts the road. Thus, it’s imperative to inspect your tires for the following items:

  • Tire pressure: Ensure the tire pressure meets the manufacturer’s suggested PSI. Under or overinflated tires can compromise your safety.
  • Tire tread: If your tire tread is less than 2/23 of an inch, you should purchase new tires prior to hitting the road.
  • Damages: If you visually notice any bulges or cracks, you should replace them before embarking on a spring trip. At the same time, uneven wear may mean your vehicle needs a tire rotation or wheel alignment.

In any case, CAMS Automotive offers tire repair and other services to help keep you and your family safe.

3. Make Sure Brakes Are Properly Functioning.

Your brake system is complex and relies on the perfect synchronization of several parts. If one of those parts malfunctions, it can compromise your ability to stop safely. 

CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA can quickly inspect and check your brakes and brake components for wear and tear during your pre-trip vehicle inspection. In addition to increasing your safety, a brake inspection can prevent more costly repairs, improve vehicle performance, and extend the life of other brake components.

4. Check Your Car’s Battery.

Your battery is a critical component that must provide enough power to start the vehicle’s engine and operate its electrical systems. Without a properly functioning battery, your car may not start. A failing battery could also cause electrical problems that can impact your safety. 

To prevent these outcomes, schedule a full battery inspection before hitting the road. During the inspection, our auto technicians in Kenner, LA will check for corrosion and ensure your battery is up for the task. And if you need a car battery replacement, we will guide you to the best solution.

5. Contact CAMS Automotive for a Comprehensive Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection.

As the premier auto maintenance and repair center, CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA offers every service your vehicle will need. Contact us for a pre-trip vehicle inspection and auto maintenance.

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