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4 Common (But Unexpected) Problems of Modern Cars

Today’s modern vehicles are smarter than ever. They can alert you of objects in your blind spot, cast a digitized 360-degree view around your vehicle, park itself, and even offer autonomous driving functionality.

A man calling someone on the phone as he is having trouble with his car engine. Concept image of common problem of modern cars which can be handled by CAMS Automotive in Kenner, LA.

Although supercharged by innovation, modern cars, trucks, and SUVs can experience problems like older vehicles. Here are some common but usually unexpected issues hounding today’s modern cars.

1. Check Engine Light Issues

Check engine lights and electronic control units (ECUs) are usually a mainstay in modern vehicles; older cars and some specialty and off-road vehicles may not have these features. It should not be a surprise that one common issue affecting modern cars is an illuminated check engine light. 

This is how it works. The ECU is a small device designed to ensure your engine operates smoothly. It will trigger the check engine light whenever it detects a problem. It does its thing to alert you about a potential issue so you can fix it before it blows out of proportion. 

However, there are over 200 potential warning codes. It’s a lot, so you need the help of an auto repair expert at CAMS Automotive to diagnose and investigate the thrown code. Only after we analyze and interpret the trouble code can we determine the best fix to resolve the issue.

2. Sputtering Engine

As the driver of your vehicle, you should know how your engine should sound and feel. But if your engine sputters or stalls, it could indicate an issue with the air-fuel mixture. 

Your engine will perform best if the fuel-and-air mixture combusts properly. If one component is out of sync, it can cause your engine to misfire and sputter. If this occurs, it’s imperative to have the necessary preventative service. Specifically, you should replace all ignition systems and fuel components promptly.

3. Reduced Fuel Economy

An efficiently running engine burns fuel at an optimum rate, which bolsters efficiency. Over time, however, several parts will experience wear and tear. 

Air filters, fuel filters, O2 sensors, and mass air flow sensors are a few parts linked to your engine. If one of these parts wears out, your engine will burn more fuel than usual, reducing fuel economy. 

To maximize your fuel efficiency, regular maintenance must be observed. Specifically, these engine parts must be regularly serviced and eventually replaced if necessary. 

4. Battery Issues

The average car battery will last you up to 50,000 miles (roughly five to six years) before it needs to be replaced.

Over time, most batteries will naturally lose current until they no longer maintain a charge. Certain factors can expedite the need for battery replacement, such as a bad or damaged alternator, a failing battery temperature sensor, or other electrical problems.

It’s best to proactively do maintenance and inspections to detect minor issues before they impact other components. And when it comes to your battery, this is the best treatment. You wouldn’t want to be caught on the side of the road because of a dead battery.

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Modern cars come with a fair share of problems. But with regular maintenance and prompt repairs, these issues can be prevented or fixed. 

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