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3 Signs You Just Might Have a Coolant Leak In Kenner La

A coolant leak can quickly go from a minor mess to a huge expense if left without repairs. Your car needs its coolant to stay in circulation without air entering the mix, after all, or your engine can overheat fast. You’ll then have your dashboard lights causing a ruckus and could end up with a bad head gasket or worse. So, to avoid all that, simply watch for the following signs and report them to your Kenner LA mechanic right when any appear.

3 Signs You Just Might Have a Coolant Leak In Kenner LA with CAMS Automotive close up image of mechanic pouring coolant into car

The Sweet Scent of Maple Syrup

If you’re just driving along and suddenly get hit with the sweet scent of maple syrup, then you’re likely in big trouble. Unless you’re zipping by a busy pancake house, that smell is coolant, not breakfast. The ethylene glycol in antifreeze is what makes it smell rather delicious. But it’s highly toxic, so always strive to keep it away from animals and kids.

When the scent is the strongest inside the car, you likely have a leaking heater core, especially if you notice your carpet feels a bit damp. If you smell the coolant only outside the car, then your radiator could be the culprit. 

Colorful Puddles on Your Driveway

A puddle forming under your car while it’s parked in the driveway is almost always a sign that it’s time to get to your trusted auto repair shop in Kenner LA. The only exception is the condensation that drips down from your air conditioning evaporator on a hot day.

You’ll need to inspect the color and consistency of the puddle to see if it’s a sign of a coolant leak. Depending on your vehicle’s year, make, and model, your antifreeze may the traditional green or orange, blue, pink, red, or even yellow. Beyond that, coolant is typically thin and watery with that sweet maple syrup smell.  

Coolant Temp Gauge is on the Move

If you always keep a close eye on your gauges, you’ll know when something is up with your coolant. But before you can do that, you need to know what’s normal for your car.

When you know your car is in good condition, like after getting services done at your Kenner LA auto repair shop, watch your coolant temp gauge to see where it sits after reaching operating temperature. For many cars, the coolant temp gauge sits between the ¼ and ½ way mark when running right. If it creeps past its normal range, then you likely have a leak or other problem brewing.

Have a Coolant Leak? Come See Your Kenner LA Mechanic

If you suspect that your car is leaking coolant, schedule a visit to CAMS Automotive with a call to 504-461-9838. You can also schedule your appointment online and we’ll confirm your visit date and time within one business day. At your visit, your mechanic will perform a full inspection to confirm the coolant leak, and then let you know our repair recommendations. So, please feel free to reach out any time, and we’ll help you keep your car in great condition.